Edge Computing

Integrated Linux environments for programs and scripts

The presentation, analysis and processing of gathered data is very important for many users besides a connection to various periphery like controls, sensors, relays or web cams.


The Smart Devices of INSYS icom and their integrated Linux environments allow to store and process data directly at the place of origin. Needless to say that a transmission to (mobile) terminal devices, customer-specific infrastructures or cloud services like Cumulocity, M2MGO or Telekom Cloud of Things as well as a connection to IoT platforms like Microsoft Azure or IBM Bluemix is also possible.


Select the Linux environment suitable for your routers:

Possible applications

  • Recording and processing of data
  • Monitoring and alarming
  • Visualisation via web interface
  • Conversion of proprietary protocols to IP standards
  • Dynamic configuration modifications
  • and many more…