CDP Studio

The tool to develop and maintain real-time control and monitoring systems on generic hardware running standard operating systems (Linux and Windows). Build solutions on controllers, industrial computers, panel PCs, or devices like routers with a Linux environment for third party software.



  • Get industrial protocols, automation functions, and control software infrastructure out of the box
  • Enjoy full graphical development environment for system and HMI design
  • Be independent of hardware and OS boundaries
  • Scalable from small single controller applications to large multi-node systems
  • Multiple industries and application areas


CDP Studio is a complete development platform, including the necessary software infrastructure, so you can just start developing. Save a massive amount of development hours by focusing on your application, not on the development environment, basic functionality or management and deployment to the target devices.

With CDP Studio, you can develop software solutions for your end customers; the resulting run-time software is an independent executable application.