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Versatile applications from the edge to the cloud

INSYS icom and our partners offer dedicated software solutions for the interconnection and processing of data points on the INSYS icom routers. Every INSYS Smart Device provides an integrated Linux programming environment which permits to execute programs and scripts. Use the following apps to analyse and process data from the point of origin and transmit that data to cloud services or customer infrastructures.


icom OS – Strengthened Operating System of INSYS icom

Guarantor of IT security for the router series MRX, MRO and SCR  

The heart of the IIoT and M2M routers the icom operating system. The icom OS is perfectly tuned to its industrial hardware and meets the IT security requirements of ISO 27001, ISMS, BSI, EnWG §11 para. 1a and BDWE white paper. In particular, the icom OS stands out in KRITIS applications in the energy, water supply and disposal, and mechanical engineering industries. The strength of this operating system supports customers with hand-picked services, outstanding usability and special OAM features.


icom Data Suite and Monitoring App

Condition monitoring, data processing, alarming, cloud feed and visualisation via software package for devices with icom OS and INSYS OS


SMS Gateway

Condition monitoring and remote control of existing plants via app for devices with INSYS OS (e.g. GSM modems, terminal adapters)


Edge Computing – Computing Power for Local Applications

Routers with icom SmartBox deliver the benefits of LXC technology

That’s how digitisation projects gain momentum: From now on, routers with icom SmartBox take on the tasks of small industrial PCs (IPC) and data loggers. This makes all benefits of programmable Linux containers available to customers to minimise the procurement effort and costs of additional hardware. This mighty feature allow technicians to use INSYS icom routers for data consolidation, protocol conversion and connection to customer-specific infrastructures, cloud services and IoT platforms alike.


Third-party apps

Different applications, apps or software of partner companies of INSYS icom


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