icom OAM – Operations, Administration, Maintenance

Perfect complement for icom Smart Gateways


Automations reduce, ensure a timely roll-out, assure a smooth operation and allow efficient updates. Performing all these tasks manually means high administrative and human resource effort, weakens the productivity of your company and consequently your competitiveness. When using several devices, the Managed Service OAM of INSYS icom dramatically improves device operation, administration and maintenance. You will save many working hours and high costs.


No VPN setup required

OAM simplifies device provisioning by eliminating the steps to manually configure a new VPN connection.

Secure, direct connection to icom OS

OAM operation functions independent of device network settings through a secure connection communicating directly with the INSYS icom operating system

Faster optimization of Smart Devices

IoT administrators spend less time planning and deploying device changes, which makes it easier for them to optimize their devices in their greater IoT application environment.

Streamlined device registration

Device registration confirms the ownership of devices when administrators upload the correct configuration to each device matched with its serial number recorded in OAM.

Mass update saves hours per IoT project

The ability to select multiple devices from a central device management system speeds application of profile changes to many devices at once.

Job processor avoids costly errors and diagnoses

The job processor inside OAM properly packages all changes per device into dedicated update packages for secure deployment to the appropriate selected devices.

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