icom Connectivity Suite – M2M SIM

Cellular connection for distributed applications


INSYS icom offers Premium M2M SIM cards with pre-defined and customer-specific plans for applications using cellular networks. Based on our decades of M2M experience, SIM cards from INSYS icom offer fair plans and versatile additional services tailored to the needs of industrial and other professional applications. All cards can be activated and deactivated on a monthly basis. Deactivated cards incur no additional charges. Use our SIM Management portal to manage the cards and monitor the consumption of every card in your inventory, starting with your first card.


Multi roaming

M2M SIM cards from INSYS icom always connect to the best network, irrespective of providers and at no additional cost.

Flexible pooling

All included volumes of SIM cards within one rate plan form a common pool from which each card just consumes what it needs.

SIM management portal

The SIM Management Portal is available at no additional cost after purchase of the first M2M SIM card. This permits customers to easily view the status of SIM cards and activate or deactivate each card individually.


Smart Cost Control

Each card (except basic plans) starts each month in the lowest plan and changes to the next higher plan automatically, if required, until it will be deactivated automatically when exceeding the cost limit of 1.5 GB.

Cost Limit

An automatic deactivation of a SIM card will be made for a consumption of more than 500 MB per month for basic plans, for a consumption of more than 1.5 GB per month for rate plans with included volume.