Our INSYS Smart Devices: professional routers with integrated computing power


ECR – the all-rounder

All-purpose with universal mounting options

The routers of the ECR series provide all important interfaces for realising extensive applications from remote services to IIoT. Both, the LAN and the LTE variant provide WLAN for an operation as access point for local connection or as client for integration into an IT infrastructure. The LTE version offers cellular redundancy via dual SIM and fall-back to HSPA and GSM. The ECR is also suitable for an easy retrofit of existing plants due to its interfaces RS232 and RS485. The integrated digital I/Os extend the range of applications additionally. This VPN router can be mounted universally like the SCR and suitable for both, switch cabinets and small distribution boxes.


SCR – the essential

For low-power applications and universal mounting

Versatile devices for IIoT, retrofit, KRITIS and remote service applications define the programmable SCR series. These VPN-ready routers use LTE or LAN for WAN communication. IP and serial devices as well as data points via Modbus TCP / RTU can be connected locally. Another SCR variant provides digital I/Os. This allows to easily convert existing plants into modern IIoT environments. The gateways are suitable for common electric distributors with DIN rails and or flat mounting surfaces.


MRX – the flexible power

For demanding IT solutions

The smart MRX routers combine IT security on KRITIS level, latest technology, high computing power, sophisticated administration as well as programmability and remain adjustable flexible for many years. Customers can choose one of the basic variants DSL, LTE and LAN or assemble their MRX project-specific – including tailor-made MRcards. Various redundancies such as parallel operation of WAN interfaces and VPNs and two inputs for power supply provide for highly available communication.


MRO – the compact 4G power

For demanding IT solutions

The smart routers of the MRO series are programmable power packs for IIoT and M2M projects in industrial and critical infrastructures. A compact housing contains reliable 4G and LAN communication technology for secure networking, legacy interfaces like RS232, two digital inputs and a digital output. The routers can be administered flexibly and have a 5-port switch that can also segment local IP networks. The variant MRO-L210 is equipped with LTE frequencies specific to the North American market.


Extension modules - MRCards

Ergänzen Sie Ihren MRX um ausgewählte Module oder tauschen Sie diese bei Bedarf einfach aus. So bleiben Sie immer auf dem aktuellen Stand der Technik, und das besonders kostengünstig.

IMON – UMTS Fault Monitor and Router

For condition monitoring and alarming

The pre-installed Monitoring App for Modbus TCP/RTU, Siemens LOGO!TM and optional S7 turns these basic routers into easy-to-configure fault monitors and remote operation terminals. These routers focus on monitoring I/Os and incoming SMS communications as well as register values in controls and Modbus devices. These values can be combined easily with freely selectable actions to switch outputs and dispatch SMSs and e-mails with current values.


EBW – Industrial Router

With essential functions

The EBW series stands out due to deliberate reduction to standard router tasks without saving on quality and IT security. Nevertheless, the EBW series allows the reliable and secure networking of various applications. WAN connections are made via LTE, HSPA and a secure LAN/WLAN access to the company network The high-quality dial-in/dial-out routers with port forwarding are suitable for remote services or decoupling manufacturing cells with remote access by network segmentation.


MoRoS – Proven Industrial Router

With numerous interfaces

The MoRoS series consists of solid top performers that offer a remarkable variety of functionality and variants. All MoRoS routers share the 4+1-port Ethernet switch, the RS232 interface, two digital inputs and two digital outputs, a firewall, simple WAN redundancies, and the ability to act as OpenVPN server and client. These industrial routers are available in the variants LAN, ADSL and Modem – the last router available with an analogue modem for WAN access via PSTN.


INSYS Powerline GP

Smart Charging with HomePlug Green PHY™

The international standard ISO 15118 defines intelligent charging of electric vehicles, the "smart charging" for AC and DC charging stations. This permits amongst others active charging control, plug & charge authentication, smart grid integration as well as other services.

When smart charging, the charging station (EVSE) communicates with the electric vehicle (PEV) via charging cable using the powerline standard HomePlug Green PHYTMaccording to ISO15118-3. The data stream will be modulated to the pilot line of the charging cable with this.

The INSYS Powerline GP establishes the point to point connection between EVSE and PEV so that the EVSE controller can communicate with the PEV via an Ethernet link.


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