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Modular industrial router for VDSL and ADSL applications

The MRX series of modular routers from INSYS icom enables broadband (DSL) communication connections for industrial applications. MRX DSL routers are designed for professional use and support conventional ADSL as well as the high-speed VDSL standard.

New features for icom Data Suite: S7 connectivity, arithmetic and aggregation functions

INSYS icom has added a "Siemens S7 Application Connector", logical and mathematical functions for data processing, and a command line interface (CLI) to the latest version 1.1 release of the icom Data Suite. 

Full cost control with M2M SIM rates from INSYS icom

Now part of INSYS icom's professional M2M SIM services, the new smart cost control option features automatic rate adjustment that saves users from the unwelcome surprise of unexpected extra-high charges.

icom Data Suite: professional software package for connecting and processing data points

Introducing the icom Data Suite, INSYS icom now provides a flexible, scalable, highly pre-integrated software package for data point networking and processing.

New switches with monitoring function extend INSYS icom's product portfolio

INSYS icom, technology partner for professional data communication, expands its portfolio by adding new Lite Managed and Unmanaged Switches for versatile, flexible applications.

Secure high performance: Edge computing with INSYS icom routers

INSYS icom has expanded the functionality of its MRX and MRO router series by implementing a powerful edge computing concept.


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