Condition monitoring and control of data processing centers

Fast VPN connections via ADSL and HSPA

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Initial situation

The Correct Power Institute for technical safety and rational energy utilisation (CPI) located in Marsberg is an engineering company founded in 2004. CPI realises data processing centers ranging from 100 kW to 24 MW with concepts for saving monetary and energetic resources up to fail-safe design, the so-called Zero Defect Datacenter Design (zD3).


The small data processing centers Datacenter-in-a-Box only require water and power for the provision of a highly available IT infrastructure in any building or room. They are independent of building-specific air conditioning and fire extinguishing systems and can be installed in the office directly as noise-reduced version.


Monitoring of all components used allows for profound analyses that CPI offers its customers, like stores, national security agencies and banks as the after sales service "Cloud Power Monitoring". CPI operates a data processing center for this that is TÜV-certified.


  • On-site climate control via a control as per defined target profile.
  • A cooling black-out can shut down a data processing center within two and a half minutes. Therefore, condition monitoring of UPS, air conditioning, connected IT systems and fused outgoing circuits is necessary. These are 280 data points in total for the smallest Datacenter-in-a-box bis up to more than 5000 logged data points in the Data Hall of a large data processing center. 
  • Initiation of countermeasures in case of excessive deviations, like load reduction, displacement of virtual machines, load shed or issuing of an external alarm via SMS or e-mail.


INSYS Smart Devices ensure the connection to the CPI data processing center in Marsberg for the after sales services "Cloud-Power-Monitoring".

The reliable DSL modems INSYS ADSL and the cellular routers MoRoS HSPA are used because of their innovative connection management for monitoring the VPN connection and immediate reconnection upon connection termination.



"Innovative Connection Management"

"One of the most important points is the innovative connection management of the devices: First, the independent monitoring of the VPN connection, and second, the immediate reconnection following a connection termination.

That's why we successfully and gladly use the reliable DSL modems INSYS ADSL and the cellular routers MoRoS HSPA."


Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Steinkühler

Managing Director of CPI

Benefits and values

  • Permanent condition monitoring
  • External alarming via SMS or e-mail
  • Effective monitoring of connections
  • Automatic reconnection of VPN connections upon termination
Condition monitoring and remote operation

Alarming for intervention:

CPI alerts support

CPI Datacenter-in-a-Box: requires only water and power

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