LAN-to-LAN multiport router

Plant and machinery manufacturers are often faced with the challenge of building and customising almost identical machines for different customers. A time-consuming and error-prone adaptation of the network configuration (either on the PC or machine side) is often necessary to enable access to a particular machine.
The RSM-E100 makes your life easier! The LAN-to-LAN multiport router intelligently communicates between company, plant and service networks.

These are the impressive capabilities of this industrial router:

  • LAN-to-LAN router with 8-fold multiport switch (3x WAN, 5x local)
  • Ideal for machines and systems with SINUMERIK 840D sl control
  • Simple configuration with IP standard settings
  • Convenient access to the individual components of the control system

On board thanks to the operating system INSYS OS:

  • IT security with VPN, stateful firewall
  • Integrated Linux programming environment (INSYS Sandbox)
  • Monitoring App for monitoring application data

Available variants

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