MRcard I/O

Multi-I/O plug-in card

The MRcard I/O is part of the MRX product series and makes an impact in particular with the following technical features:

  • 3 analogue inputs
  • 1 analogue output
  • 4 digital inputs
  • 4 digital outputs (relay)
Intelligent water level monitoring

Sewer operators need to monitor water levels to the centimetre
and transmit the data regularly. Therefore a water drain can be
opened if necessary. If an error occurs, a message has to be
sent to the control centre and a visual alarm needs to be triggered
at the monitoring stations.
The MRX router implements these electronic functions with
just one additional MRcard IO – via its analogue and digital inputs
and outputs. Software in the router manages the measurement
data and status indicators centrally. With this solution
the operator saves additional controls and can administer the
entire application centrally in a single device.

Further technical information and highlights of the entire router series “MRX – the flexible power” can be found here:

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