Additional applications based on the icom SmartBox

Smart applications from strong partners

We are delighted to present to you a solution partner from our competence network Excellence in M2M.

CDP Studio Tools

A tool for the development and administration of real-time control and monitoring systems

CDP Studio is a full-scale development platform, including the necessary software infrastructure so you can start developing with ease. Save time and resources by focusing on your application, not the development environment, basic functionality or management and deployment on the target devices.

With CDP Studio you can develop software solutions for your end customers. The resulting runtime software is an independently executable application.


  • Get industrial protocols, automation capabilities and control software infrastructure ‘out of the box’
  • Take advantage of the complete graphical development environment for system and HMI design.
  • Be independent of hardware and operating system limitations
  • Scale from small, single-controller applications to large, multi-node systems
  • For multiple industries and applications