Solarkiosk Connects Village

Power and Internet for off-grid colonies

“The Solarkiosk project supports community and own initiative instead of paying development aid. My customers come from afar. My kiosk became a real social meeting place and mini market of the village. I can’t describe how much this means for me.”

Ethiopian small-scale entrepreneur

Benefits for villagers

  • Supplying off-grid regions
  • Providing access to information and education

  • Providing infrastructure for small-scale entrepreneurs

  • Providing power – for light and medicine cooling for example

Off-grid households in Africa spend an average of $120 for power substitutes like candles, paraffin, kerosene, etc. – also to have light during the long nights close to the equator. This is often up to 40% of their yearly income.

Mobile phones are widely used in rural areas. But charging a battery often takes a 2-day journey to the next town and can cost up to half a dollar.


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