Reporting Faults and Ensuring Availability

Transparent access to IP networks and serial terminal devices

“The realisation of specific customer requirements is a breeze with the various possibilities of the Monitoring App in the IMON fault monitors and gives us customer solutions for optimisation, damage prevention and expansion.”

Walter Walzl

Messtechnik GmbH & Co KG

Added value for Messtechnik GmbH & Co KG

  • Monitoring control and field bus devices

  • Sending significant performance data as SMS or e-mail

  • Sensing alarm contacts and sending alarms

  • Performing complex tasks via measuring and monitoring relay

Initial situation

Monitoring machines, plants, operating equipment, raw material stocks, buildings and heat stations ensures normal operation. A precise notification must be sent immediately in case of a failure for a quick and successful intervention.

  • Monitoring of controls and field buses
  • Sending significant performance data as SMS or e-mail
  • Early warning system by boolean operations for combining measured values
  • Sensing alarm contacts and issuing an alarm
  • Performing complex tasks via measuring and monitoring relay
  • Remote maintenance, remote operation, commissioning support

INSYS Smart Devices of the IMON series are fault monitor (SMS, e-mail) and cellular router in one unit: The integrated Monitoring App is available in 3 variants:
– Modbus TCP/RTU, function codes 1-6
– Siemens S7-200/-300/-400/-1200/-1500
– Siemens LOGO!™ 0BA4 bis 0BA8

This is what the INSYS Monitoring App can do in bombination with the Siemens LOGO!:

  • Reading out flags, I/Os and process image
  • Visualising process image
  • Starting/stopping the program

The fault monitors are pre-configured for applications with measuring and monitoring relays and easy to configure using wizards. The cellular router uses the icom Connectivity Suite – VPN for encrypted communication in individual user groups; it also provides the connections to the field devices.

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