Quick, straightforward commissioning of CHPs

Flexible connection options via WAN chains

“Our CHPs are connected secure now.“

Markus Beißner
Head of Service
COMUNA-metall Vorrichtungs- und MAschinenbau GmbH

Benefits and values

  • Independency of WAN access during commissioning

  • Commissioning and approval on schedule

  • Meets the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001

  • Avoidance of penalties for non-performance

Initial situation

The combined heat and power units (CHPs) of COMUNA-metall ensure the electrical power and heat supply of schools, larger housing complexes, industrial units or sewage treatment plants. The manufacturer offers remote maintenance, on-site services and also full maintenance contracts with condition monitoring and commercial operation management for this.

However, the problem that a DSL connection is not already available at the site during commissioning often exists. This causes wasted travel and unnecessary deadline pressure for a handover of the CHPs in due time.


Objective of the head of service of COMUNA-metall is the interdependency of an on-site DSL connection. This option shall also ensure the redundant, encrypted data connection during operation if requested by the customer.

Moreover, the CHPs must be integrated seamlessly into the information security management systems (ISMS) of the customers to be able to pass the audits as per DIN EN ISO/IEC 27001 successfully.

Therefore, the desired gateway shall establish the encrypted WAN access flexibly via DSL, LAN, LTE or a combination thereof.


An intensive test caused the selection of the fully modular industrial routers of the MRX series of INSYS icom, the VPN service and the M2M-Premium-SIM cards of the icom Connectivity Suite.

COMUNA-metall has now full WAN access freedom during commissioning since the DSL, LTE and LAN extension cards for the modular routers can be combined as desired.

Another huge benefit is the pre-configuration of WAN chains in the router: connection establishment and the prioritisation of the WAN connections are defined there.

This permits COMUNA-metall to deliver all MRX routers with a standard configuration.

The routers decide using the WAN chains, the installed MRcards and the available WAN connections which of them is used with priority and which as fall back option.

If a customer does not want to provide a redundant WAN connection for regular operation, an LTE pool card will be used for commissioning and removed with the next on-site service – a time-consuming change of the configuration is not necessary.

The comprehensive IT security features of this solution – like different VPN tunnels for the service of COMUNA-metall and the customers for example – clear the way for the ISMS certification as per 27001.


“Our CHPs are connected secure now. Meanwhile, we have a pool of LTE cards for the MRX routers so that a missing DSL connection is not able to thwart us any more. This does not only prevent stress, but also possible penalties for non-performance.

Moreover, the VPN service and the SIM cards of INSYS icom save time since we can manage them self using the portal.“

Markus Beißner
Head of Service
COMUNA-metall Vorrichtungs- und Maschinenbau GmbH

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