Network monitoring with anomaly detection

Tracking of assets, defending cyber attacks and identifying technical error situations through integrated solutions


“In industrial companies and critical infrastructures in the energy and water industry, INSYS icom is known for its high-quality, high-performance components. The integration of our industrial anomaly detection Rhebo Industrial Protector on routers from INSYS icom allows operators to monitor M2M and IIoT communication at the relevant points in their OT network, thus ensuring secure and stable industrial control systems.”

Klaus Mochalski

Rhebo GmbH, Leipzig (D)

Added value for Rhebo

  • Increased cyber security and plant availability
  • Complete asset management of the industrial control system
  • Fast investigation, mitigation and evidence preservation of incidents
  • Standard interfaces to SCADA, SIEM, IT monitoring etc.
Initial situation

With developments such as IIoT, Industry 4.0 and Smart Grid, industrial control systems in critical infrastructure and industrial companies are becoming the nervous system of business success. However, the connection to office IT, the Internet and remote access points increases the risk of cyberattacks and spillover effects.

At the same time, the complexity and heterogeneity of components increase the risk of technical errors in industrial communication. Perimeter security systems such as firewalls are also blind to unknown security gaps, new types of attack patterns and technical errors within ICS.


Rhebo’s mission is to ensure comprehensive cyber security, plant availability and process stability in industrial enterprises and critical infrastructure companies.

Technical error states, communication failures and misconfigurations, as well as cyberattacks, manipulation and sabotage attempts are detected before they lead to serious disruptions of production or supply.


With Rhebo Industrial Protector, an integrated network monitoring with anomaly detection is realized on the industrial routers and IoT gateways of INSYS icom. Thanks to the integrated Linux environment LXC the application runs directly on the routers. No additional hardware is required. This guarantees increased cyber security and stability of industrial processes.

Rhebo Industrial Protector

  • delivers a detailed inventory of all ICS assets their properties and communication patterns,
  • monitors all industrial communications in networked industrial plants and critical infrastructure companies,
  • reports and evaluates any changes in real-time, and provides all information for rapid analysis and resolution.

The integrated Rhebo Industrial Protector enables Information Security Officers and process engineers to react quickly, proactively and adequately to disruptive changes in industrial control system communication. They can mitigate cyberattacks and technical error states alike before they lead to downtime or loss of efficiency. Through the real-time asset inventory within the ICS, they also gain complete up-to-date visibility. This facilitates risk analysis, segmentation and performance optimization as part of the continuous improvement process.

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