Groundwater level measurement in off-grid regions

Monitoring App in fault monitor controls measuring instrumentation

The Monitoring App from INSYS icom helps you to save energy! A fault indicator for monitoring groundwater levels is only switched on for measuring. This considerably reduces the annual energy consumption.

Value for the Fachhochschule Westküste

  • Switching measuring station on and off time-controlled

  • Operating off-grid measuring equipment energy-saving

  • Monitoring App in router switches power supply of the measuring station via router relay output

  • Saving routine inspections

Initial situation

Groundwater levels of different locations are measured in gauging tubes; often observers determine the water levels using a well depth finder or electric light plummet manually.

The measuring values are visualised using contour lines; this also allows conclusions about the flow direction of the groundwater.


Due to decreasing groundwater levels in the north reservoir polder in Nordermeldorf, State Agency for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Areas in Schleswig-Holstein has contracted a project with the following objectives:

  • Permanent monitoring of a groundwater observation well

  • Automatic measurement and data dispatch via cellular radio

  • Energy-saving measuring station.


A submersible pressure transmitter VEGAWELL52 records the water level. The evaluation unit VEGAMET391Eth lreads out via the 0…20 mA interface and HART protocol and dispatches via the GPRS router IMON-G100 from INSYS icom.

The energy-saving process control is assumed by the Monitoring App in the router by switching the power supply of the VEGA devices time-controlled on and off via a relay output at the router.

Dipl.-Ing. T. Seydlitz
Fachhochschule Westküste (FHW), 25746 Heide

INSYS icom, VEGA Grieshaber KG, u. a.


Monitoring App helps to save energy

  • The VEGA devices are only switched on by the Monitoring App via a relay output of the fault monitor IMON-G100 only for measurement.
  • This lowers the annual energy consumption with the same measuring cycle by 78,60 % to 5600 Wh!
  • However, the permanent availability of the INSYS Smart Device IMON-G100 has the benefit of a remote access to the measuring equipment.
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