Connecting network cameras via cellular radio

Continuous monitoring and remote configuration

By using live images in technical plants – e.g. in remote areas – remote maintenance services are possible.

The support of specialists from afar and the associated savings in travel costs are just as beneficial as the savings in expensive alarm systems.

Added value

  • Live streams to notebooks and smartphones

  • Insight at any time from everywhere

  • Easy to extend

  • Alarming with image of evidence

Initial situation

Services in technical plants like renewable energy producers – biogas plants, “wind mills”, photovoltaic parks (PV) and hydroelectric power stations – for example are often expensive and could be prepared better or reduced by a “preliminary inspection”.

  • Saving travel cost and working time
  • Installation independent of existing Internet accesses
  • Transmitting images/video sequences via FTP
  • Stationary and mobile use
  • First installation and service without configuration of the video cameras
  • Generation, management and distribution of the VPN certificates is to be performed by a VPN service
  • INSYS Smart Devices (MRX, MoRoS, EBW, MLR series) combined with the icom Connectivity Suite – VPN (VPN service) are used.
  • Any number of cameras are combined via closed VPN user groups that authorised persons can connect for live view or configuration. Every camera can upload images or video streams.
  • If the connection is to be established only in case of a failure, the camera can trigger the INSYS icom router for connection establishment using the switch output.
  • Encryption and automatic VPN configuration is taken over by the icom Connectivity Suite – VPN. Besides all INSYS Smart Devices, notebooks, computers and smartphones (iOS, Android) can be used as VPN client; temporary users connect via the web proxy.
  • Live images help to prepare remote maintenance services. Experts of different manufacturers support from remote and save travel cost.
  • Alarming and event-triggered FTP upload of photographic evidences is always possible via INSYS Smart Devices and saves expensive alarm equipment.
  • INSYS Smart Devices like routers and fault monitors make secure, encrypted and stable connections also to remote field devices.
  • Many video cameras can be operated at the icom Connectivity Suite – VPN and also addressed with the same IP address.
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