Alarm app in the Linux container of the LTE router

Connection to any process control systems

“We plan to switch any existing and future software of STEBATEC to the MRX. We also use the MRX routers for our partially guided or MID controlled pneumatic sewerage control. The MRX is simply a great device!“

Jonathan Brechbühl
Head of Support
Stebatec, Brügg (CH)

Added value for Stebatec

  • icom SmartBox: LXC programming environment (Linux container) integrated in the router

  • All Stebatec apps are running ON the router

  • No additional software installations, updates and licences

  • Saving small industrial PCs (IPC)

Cities, municipalities, associations and wastewater producing industrial units operate widely ramified wastewater systems, treat process water and operate heat stations.

In case of more recent structures, the function of the controls and plants is monitored continuously to be able to alarm the stand-by duty immediately in case of a failure.

But: Old plants are far from this level and retrofit often resulted an uncontrolled growth of devices like data loggers, switches and routers.

In addition, the two largest Swiss providers will shut down their GSM network (2G): Swisscom with end of 2020, Sunrise already end of 2017.


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