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Our free webinars focus on the INSYS portfolio and on current industry topics, which we analyse for you together with our partners. In the online sessions you will soon receive a great deal of relevant information, which you can also access afterwards on video.

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Conforming to legal requirements

of Industry 4.0 and digitisation

If machine builders and users want to maintain or improve their competitiveness, components of their machines and systems must be continuously maintained, optimised and adapted.

But what legal consequences can maintenance and retrofits have for operators, manufacturers and service providers? How can a Business Process Management (BPM) make its contribution to a structured process and to synergies, e.g. for certifications according to HLS structure (ISO 9001, 14001 etc.)?

All this will be covered in this joint webinar with our partner Guckenbiehl Consulting.

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The router as an energy consultant

Monitoring of consumption and processing

The responsible and efficient use of energy plays an important role in both private and business environments. Having knowledge of the consumptions whether it be in machinery, plants or buildings will open a significant savings potential.

GILDEMEISTER energy efficiency GmbH has a comprehensive know-how in data acquisition and information, communication and security technology in corporate environments. This makes them the ideal partner for holistic and individual solutions in the areas of energy management, energy efficiency and the reduction of energy costs.

In our free webinar, you will learn why energy monitoring fits perfectly to the typical applications of professional routers from INSYS icom.

From Collector to Analyst:

Recording data and Learning to use it

Remote maintenance, monitoring, data visualisation. All these are just examples of the possibilities that are offered by using an industrial router from INSYS icom. But there is much more information hidden in the data of machines and plants. With structured analysis of raw data, you do not only reach a better understanding of the operations in your machines and plants, but also open up new potential for future development and data-driven services.

In our free webinar together with our partner Synop Systems we will show you a practical approach to how you, as a technical expert, gain correlations and forecasts from data obtained in just a few minutes. Also, you will learn how an intelligent data analysis wit our Linux Containers can be offered as “Edge Service”. Data is the fuel of the 21st century. Start to benefit from it now. We are looking forward to your participation in the webinar. Register now!

About Attacks, breakdowns, internal and external perpetrators

Security and Availability in Industrial Control Networks

Do you really know all the data which is transmitted in your network? Is your company well prepared for attacks, manipulations or technical errors in industrial data communication?

We show you how such threats can be identified and reported to you in real time. Together with our partner Rhebo GmbH we present their anomaly detection as an edge computing app directly on our INSYS icom gateways.

Learn useful details about monitoring and anomaly detection in the context of an overall security concept (information security management system – ISMS -, defence-in-depth). We show you tried and tested solutions in practical examples from the areas of cyber security, technical error situations and network status monitoring.

IoT is now!

With the IoT QuickStart Kit

The IoT QucikStart Kit from INSYS is a fantastic tool to make the first step into Internet of Things. This full package allows you to realize a quick entry into industrial applications such as data acquisition, edge computing and remote maintenance.

Whether you are a machine and plant manufacturer, project planner, service provider, operator or leasing and insurance company, join us online, in this short INSYS seminar, to learn how simple and easy it can be for you to get started with IoT.

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