3G network shutdown: In 6 steps, we show you how to prepare your plant for the future!

Are you dependent on accessing your machines fast and have data transmitted reliably? Then don’t takes risks with the upcoming 3G network shutdown and act now! Learn in our free mailing series, how the switch-off might not only be a risk, but also a great opportunity for improved efficiency and cost saving.

Industrial gateways and LAN routers

Three reasons for LAN routers from INSYS icom

Fast configuration

Intuitive setup via web interface and flexibly configurable WAN and LAN ports save time and money.

Safe integration

Firewalls and network segmentation provide for safe communication and separation of machine and company network.

Ensuring a lasting effect for the future

Modular hardware, scalable software und premium support ensure optimum application conditions in the long-term.

Benefit from our all-round services!

An expert support team, central device management and our VPN service.

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Our LAN routers are


– Autom. certificate management
– No backdoors
– Stateful and MAC firewall
– Disconnectible interfaces
– Network segmentation
– Safe reset


– Professional help desk
– Intuitive user interface
– Structured profile management
– Central configuration management
– Flexible VPN service
– Centralized device management


– Long-life industrial hardware
– Connection monitoring
– Automatic re-establishment
– Integrated watchdog
– Sophisticated software
– Redundant system components

Our LAN gateways offer added value

Network production plants and machines with LAN to LAN routers from INSYS icom and thus create the decisive added value for you and your customers. Benefit from a stable and secure connection and a tailor-made configuration for network segmentation. Thus, you create more transparency within the data networks of your production and manufacturing plants and increase the IT security level many time over at the same time.

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You want secure communication over your company network?
Our LAN gateways and routers connect your machines and systems over a closed Ethernet network. Then, we connect the infrastructure of your company network (IT) to the machine network, the operational technology (OT).

The integration into your IT is quite simple as only standards (e.g. encryption) are used for this. So you are on the safe side: no proprietary services and protocols, no back doors!

Network segmentation
With network segmentation the INSYS icom LAN routers and gateways restrict the “range” of remote accesses. So in case of sudden or unauthorized accesses only the maintenance LAN of the respective machine will be affected. You can react immediately by closing the respective port and thus protect your entire company network in the best possible way.

Professional user management
Our intuitive user management allows you to set up user roles where you can allocate individual read and admin rights. Additional functions, like creating different profiles for weekdays, normal operation or maintenance times, will further facilitate your daily work routine.

Easy commissioning and maintenance
SYou as a machine and system engineer, service provider or operating company have to commission or maintain machines installed at the customers premises? Using an encrypted VPN tunnel you can reach them even in closed company networks without affecting the IT security of the company network.

Thanks to network segmentation, only machines authorized by you will establish a VPN connection to the outside world in the opposite direction, the critical data of the remaining company network are kept protected.

By using the net mapping function you can always fit your machines with the same network setup. Thus, you avoid individual errors, save time and can still address the machines individually over the VPN tunnel.

Our router series for high-performance data communication

The MRX series presents itself from its best side

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  • Currently 3 basic variants for LAN, VDSL/ADSL and LTE
  • Peak performance for broadband networks with a high VPN data rate
  • Stateful firewall, VPN and much more ensure IT security
  • Integrated programming environment for edge computing

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