3G network shutdown: In 6 steps, we show you how to prepare your plant for the future!

Are you dependent on accessing your machines fast and have data transmitted reliably? Then don’t takes risks with the upcoming 3G network shutdown and act now! Learn in our free mailing series, how the switch-off might not only be a risk, but also a great opportunity for improved efficiency and cost saving.

Industrial Mobile Routers and Gateways

Three reasons for mobile routers from INSYS icom

Fast integration

Independent of local network connection, offers maximum flexibility at rollout and saves time and money.

Simple configuration

Realize status monitoring, data processing and alarm signaling with a mouse click – without programming experience.

Ensuring a lasting effect for the future

Modular hardware, scalable software und premium support ensure optimum application conditions in the long-term.

Our mobile radio routers offer you:


– Central configuration management
– Uniform user interface
– Professional help desk
– M2M SIM card service
– Flexible VPN service
– Daily auto-updates


– Disconnectible interfaces
– Safe reset
– Alarm signaling on failures
– Stateful and MAC firewall
– Autom. certificate management
– No backdoors


– Integrated watchdog
– monitoring of the connection
– Long-life industrial hardware
– Redundant system components
– Sophisticated software
– Automatic re-establishment

At INSYS everything comes from a single source!

Our managed services: VPN service, M2M SIM cards and central device management

Make a good start with our premium M2M SIM cards and benefit from our
fair pricing models and manifold additional services.

  • SIM management portal starting with the first card
  • Multi-roaming in national and international networks
  • Flexible pooling of the included volumes within a tariff plan
  • Cost Limit protects against extremely escalating costs
  • Smart Cost Control for automatic tariff adaptation without expensive excess data costs
  • Monthly termination
  • (De-)activatable at any time

The advantages of mobile-radio-routers from INSYS icom

Remote maintenance with INSYS icom offers decisive added value for you and your customers. With our industrial mobile radio routers and gateways, you can access machines and systems without needing a wired Internet connection at the place of use. The edge computing functionality enables you and your customers to use or offer further innovative services, such as runtime optimisation or predictive maintenance services.

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Competitive advantages through flexibility at rollout
The connection of systems and control systems via mobile radio/LTE saves time and investments into wired communications connections.
This aspect plays a decisive role in the new construction or restructuring of buildings and systems.

The virtually nationwide coverage of mobile networks provides access to systems and machines even at the most remote places where a fixed network connection is uneconomical or not available yet.

M2M SIM cards with attractive tariffs
With our SIM management portal you can manage your cards intuitively and keep track of costs at all times. Each individual card can be activated or deactivated on a monthly basis. A fair solution: deactivated cards don’t incur any costs.

With the SIM management portal of INSYS icom, you manage your cards intuitively and keep track of the costs at any time. Each single card can be activated or deactivated on a monthly basis. Talking about fair: Deactivated cards do not cause any costs.

IT security with a VPN
Our industrial LTE routers guarantee IT security. They provide secure remote maintenance access, enable network segmentation and are therefore also suitable for complex KRITIS applications! Connect your networks easily and flexibly via the public Internet or locally.

Our routers support a range of VPN protocols. You can connect your systems easily and cost-effectively using current technological standards such as OpenVPN or IPsec – including GRE functionality (KRITIS). Further highlights are configurable firewalls in the tunnel and parallel tunnels.

Our icom Connectivity Suite – VPN – managed service enables you to quickly and reliably establish a secure, encrypted VPN connection.

A widely distributed system with transparent access control
Do multiple users such as customers, machine operators or service technicians need simultaneous access to your devices on the network? No problem thanks to the selectively administrable user management. With our profile manager you can also assign individual rights for different user roles.

MRX – the flexible power

Unsere modulare MRX-Serie Our modular MRX series can be extended with a variety of plug-in cards. The benefits to you? You can:

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  • simply add interfaces
  • save on the cost of external devices
  • freely combine functions

Select the ideal router for your application

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