Device management

Save time and money in the implementation of updates

With icom OAM (Operations, Administration & Maintenance), IT administrators and technicians can centrally plan and execute the operation, management and maintenance of icom Smart Devices. Updating device firmware, rolling out edge computing applications or incrementally changing device configurations and deploying certificates are easy and resource-saving to implement.

Your benefits


Take advantage of central rollouts of configurations, certificates and edge computing applications.

Cost savings

Avoid expensive errors and diagnoses by using automated update jobs and event logs.

Investment protection

Central device management helps you extend the life cycle of your installed Smart Devices.


Benefit from increased security by changing the firewall or updating all security certificates on all devices.

OAM offers the following impressive highlights:

  • Save time on recurring tasks
  • Roll out firmware updates, configurations, certificates and applications quickly and easily (mass deployment)
  • Respond immediately to security-critical events
  • Avoid error-prone, individual entries and manual diagnoses
  • Extend the life cycle of installed icom devices
  • Extended device functions much easier to use
  • Dedicated communication channel, no VPN connection required
  • ISO 27001-certified Cloud environment


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