Edge Computing

Ensuring that complex applications function simply, securely and reliably

INSYS icom is one of the few producers to develop and maintain its own operating system and Cloud solutions in addition to hardware development. The vertical integration of these components enables an ideally coordinated ecosystem. This makes INSYS icom stand out from the competition.

Our software solutions are versatile, secure and scalable. The functions are fully-developed thanks to many years of practical experience and enable high cost efficiency in use as well as ease of operation.

Get to know our software products and find out how you can benefit from them.

The Maker: A comprehensive protocol converter

For local data processing and protocol connection

This is how industrial IoT works today: Whether as an application for local retrieval of data from sensors or controls, including downstream data processing, or for monitoring and reporting functions for verification purposes. Turn your router into an IoT gateway.

Impressive strengths:
  • Cloud connectivity and alerting through MQTT or https as well as email and text message
  • IoT applications and local data processing thanks to an intuitive configuration interface
  • Triggering of event-driven actions after threshold values have been exceeded, input monitoring or network filter violations

The head of the operation: A slightly different mini industrial PC

Integrated computing power based on Linux

From now on routers with the icom SmartBox can take over the tasks of small industrial PCs (mini IPCs). Among other things, this enables local monitoring of machine status, prompt alarms and display by means of a dashboard container.

Impressive strengths:
  • Add your own functions to the router – use like a mini IPC
  • Consolidation of hardware
  • Own applications, completely isolated from the router firmware

Additional applications in cooperation with our competent partners

Supplementary to the icom SmartBox

In order for you to be able to implement further decisive functions beyond and above our application solutions, we have acquired numerous experts from the fields of M2M and IoT as strategic partners. Together we have developed further exciting solutions based on our intelligent icom Smart Box application software.

Current recommendation: CDP Technologies

We are proud to present a solution from CDP Technologies which offers a tool for the development and administration of real-time control and monitoring systems.

The INSYS icom expert network

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