Edge Computing

Implementing applications on your router simply, securely and reliably

Do you want not just to read out machine data, but also to process it? To connect up SCADA, MES or multi-clouds? To monitor threshold values and receive alerts in the event of a problem? The virtual Linux environment on our routers makes it possible: simply use the applications developed by INSYS icom and its partners, or even programme your own application!

Edge Computing
  • Recording, processing and evaluating data on site
  • Minimising data volumes and transmission costs
  • Conveniently transferring processed data to cloud services

Configuring instead of programming: the icom Data Suite

The construction kit for alerting, analysis and business models

Protocol conversion, data logging, condition monitoring or cloud connection: INSYS icom has developed an application that allows you to implement all of this. Simply install the icom Data Suite on your router, configure it and get started!

The benefits to you
  • Connecting plant and machinery to clouds, IoT platforms and SCADA/MES systems
  • Building up new business models (e.g. predictive maintenance, spare parts service, remote optimisation)
  • Configuration instead of programming and therefore resource saving

Clever applications by strong partners

Applications from the Excellence in M2M competence network

Benefit from the know-how of numerous M2M and IoT experts and enhance your solution with crucial new functions. You can implement the applications of our strategic partners in the icom SmartBox Linux programming environment!

The tools of our partners:
  • Development of real-time control and monitoring systems
  • Efficient management of energy flows
  • Network monitoring with anomaly detection

Do it yourself: platform for your own applications

Integrated computing power based on Linux

INSYS icom is one of the few producers that maintain a virtual Linux environment on routers and make it accessible for your applications. Transform your router into a mini industrial PC and equip it with all the functions you need!

Impressive strengths:
  • Add your own functions to the router – use like a mini IPC
  • Consolidation of hardware
  • Own applications, completely isolated from the router firmware

Minimise your risk when it comes to IT security!

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