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Excellence in M2M – the INSYS icom expert network

M2M, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, the Digital Revolution, cyber-physical systems…
the intelligent networking of machines, plants, systems and ultimately people has many different names and yet mostly the same goal:
To make data available as quickly as possible, anytime and anywhere, evaluate it and derive actions from it.

Industrial M2M and IoT applications often consist of a multitude of solution components.
It is difficult for a supplier to offer all these components from its own portfolio for the purpose of offering its customers the same quality and value throughout the solution.

For these reasons we rely on strategic partnerships.
Excellence in M2M is a competence network of selected, professional companies that have set themselves the goal of providing you with high-quality products and services relating to your digital challenges.
This minimises your effort when it comes to searching and selecting suitable companies, and ultimately saves you time and money.

Trust in a strong network, trust in Excellence in M2M.

Your benefits

  • A professional partner base
  • All elements for M2M and IoT solutions from a single network
  • Qualified, compatible products and complementary services

Our partner base includes:

Consulting and training

These partners are experts in consulting and training on specific topics such as IT security, ISO certification or ISMS. In addition, these partners can specialise in the development of M2M/IIoT concepts such as data analysis or telecontrol.

Hardware, hardware-related technologies and services

These partners offer hardware equipment such as protocol converters, I/O modules, housings, surge protection or mobile communication engines, hardware-related technologies such as protocol stacks or services such as hardware development.

Software, apps and managed services

These partners offer software solutions that either run on routers / gateways or can be provided or purchased on a SaaS, Iaas or PaaS basis. They include Cloud or SCADA solutions as well as programmes for data processing, display, network monitoring or data analytics.


These partners specialise in specific industries or applications in which they offer solutions, installation or integration services.

Partner overview

 ausecus GmbH
Kent Andersson

Werner-von-Siemens Straße 6
86159 Ausgburg

T +49 (0) 821 20 70 97 21
F +49 (0) 821 20 70 97 99
M +49 (0) 1522 95 45 417
[email protected]
Reinhard Dietrich

Arthur-Piechler-Straße 1i
86316 Friedberg

T +49 (0) 821 450952 232
F +49 (0) 821 450952 211
[email protected]
Guckenbiehl Consulting
Römerstraße 2
76870 Kandel

T +49 (0)1717 3038297

[email protected]
Karl-Heinz Sauter Services und Consulting GmbH
Karl-Heinz Sauter

Hoffmannstraße 176/1
71229 Leonberg

T +49 (0) 7152 394744
[email protected]
secunet Security Networks AG 
Marc Lindbauer
Bereichsleiter Produktmanagement, Business Sector

Zentrale Essen
Kronprinzenstraße 30
45128 Essen

T +49 (0) 201 5454 2501
F +49 (0) 201 5454 1324
[email protected]


Do you have any questions, are you looking for a partner for a specific application, or would you like to become an INSYS icom partner yourself? Simply contact our Business Development Manager:

Kristian Haizmann
Tel. +49 941 58692-476
[email protected]


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