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Our free web seminars focus on the INSYS portfolio and on current industry topics, which we analyse for you together with our partners. In the online sessions you will soon receive a great deal of relevant information, which you can also access afterwards on video.

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Raw fish meets IoT

How to fillet a herring with a router!

A real Dutch treat is “Hollandse Nieuwe” – fermented raw herring with onions. A popular pick, not only in the Netherlands. But how does the fish end up this way? Due to an efficient, well-monitored system!

Gain insights into automated herring filleting– using simple, but effective industrial IoT technology – in our next web seminar. Our Dutch partner DATASK has created a solution based on INSYS icom routers and dashboarding by GRAFANA, an open source implementation for Industry 4.0. The end result is an Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) system to closely monitor the performance of the herring production lines.

Learn more about this success story in our web seminar by our partners DATASK and PRODEK. Make a catch for your own application – even if you don’t work with fish.

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Here you can find the web seminars of recent weeks and months. We hope you will enjoy them!

How to train your router

Why a router is easier to tame than a dragon

A dragon and a router are of course not comparable – apart from the fact that both need a lot of care and attention to fulfil their purpose.

In myths and modern films, dragons always bring luck and fame to heroes. Similarly, a router is also a treasure that, when set up correctly, can fully deliver incredible functions. Proper administration and updating are crucial here, so that applications run smoothly at all times, in a secure way. INSYS routers are capable of bringing you even greater profits when managed remotely.

Watch the recording of our web seminar and get marvelous insights. In just 30 minutes, we’ll share what our new icom Router Management (iRM) has in store for you. Go on a treasure hunt with us.

Added value for plant operators by IIoT solutions

Discover 6/7th of the data iceberg with INSYS icom

Companies want to collect data on their machines and plants in order to gain transparent insights. However, they often do not exploit the full potential and only know the tip of the data iceberg. Data treasures can be lifted step by step, though – starting with secure remote access through to remote maintenance and the IoT application.

Referencing concrete use cases from practical applications, we will illustrate the added value that you can generate at the various “expansion stages” of industrial data communication and how you can reduce your costs.

Web seminars by partners

Our partners also offer web seminars and talk about our solutions. Have a look at the recordings!

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