MRcard PLS

4G-/serial- plug-in card

The MRcard PLS is part of the MRX product series and makes an impact in particular with the following technical features

  • Cellular
  • incl. US variant
  • RS232
  • 2 digital inputs
  • 1 digital output

Redundant Internet connection in a  solar park

Every minute counts. For operators of solar parks, highly available
Internet connections are vital because any interruption to
the connection results in expensive loss of earnings.
Operators are on the safe side with the MRcard PLS, because
it enables them to combine DSL and LTE in an MRX router to
create the necessary redundancy.
An additional benefit for you is that the RS232 interface of the
card allows you to connect to existing devices. Via the digital
output external devices can be activated or alarms can be signalled
if required – and all of this without additional hardware.

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