MRcard Fiber

Fiber plug-in-card

The MRcard Fiber is part of the MRX product series and makes an impact in particular with the following technical features:

  • 2x Gigabit SFP
  • 2 digital inputs (1x PLC compatible)

Wind farms networked using
fi bre-optic technology

A wind turbine project planner wants to connect several wind
farms up to 10 kilometres apart using a central router. An Ethernet
connection is not possible here due to the maximum cable
range of 500 metres.
The MRX with two MRcards Fiber solves the problem: the wind
farms are connected with high availability using fi bre-optic
Another advantage over metal connecting cables is that lightning
strikes on wind turbines do not cause faults or damage to
the electronics.

Further technical information and highlights of the entire router series “MRX – the flexible power” can be found here:

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