Cellular Router Replaces Discontinued GSM Modem

100 % Maintaining full functionality and best IoT prospects

Needless to say that we’ve not been excited when the discontinuation of the GSM modem was announced, but INSYS icom supplies an innovative replacement unit and is always available for expert support – both has convinced us. Moreover, we’ve created a forward-looking basis for further developments together to provide our customers with additional benefits in the next years as well.

Therefore, we’re still relying on INSYS icom!

Oliver Berger
Group Manager – Development & Engineering Engineered Solutions
Kärcher, Winnenden

Kärcher, Winnenden

Values for Kärcher

  • Maintaining the complete functionality by programmable router

  • 1:1 replacement saves modification effort

  • Continuing to use PLC and wiring without any modification

  • Operation as normal

DThe controls of the portal and self service washing plants of Kärcher generate detailed service and failure messages to ensure high availability of the washing plants. These messages are immediately transmitted to the operator and the service staff of Kärcher via SMS and e-mail.

Quite useful: Statistical data of the plant can be read out and remote operations can be executed from remote via SMS.

Need for action occurred in 2015: Kärcher had to procure a replacement for e discontinued GSM modem in the Remote Diagnostic System RDS I.


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