Plant and mechanical engineering

Getting plant and mechanical engineering fit for industrial IoT

The interconnection of production facilities and machines secures your future and competitiveness. Remote maintenance and remote access already ensure that resources are conserved. In addition, early information via condition monitoring can prevent production downtimes or other types of malfunction.

INSYS icom is the perfect partner for your digitalisation project: with our Smart Machinery Gateway we offer you an all-round solution of outstanding quality “Made in Germany”.

We provide you with decisive competitive advantages

Flexible integration

Find the right networking solution – whether for planning a new project or upgrading existing systems.

Your solution is compatible with all standard industrial protocols.

Variable connections

Connect your machines to higher-level systems for the parallel, bidirectional exchange of data, alarms and control commands.

Connection to ERP, SCADA, Cloud systems and MES is part of the core functions.

Maximum IT security

icom devices support your applications in compliance with IEC / DIN EN 62443 and can be updated to meet future safety requirements.

IT and OT networks are separated at both the network and configuration level.
At interfaces to external systems you are protected by data access controls.

Simple remote maintenance

Use transparent remote access to your plant network in a secure environment and regulate access to protocols, services and components.

Compatibility with numerous remote maintenance solutions and IT requirements is provided by various VPN technologies.

icom Smart Machinery Gateway as an all-round solution:

Meet your requirements with our icom Smart Machinery Gateway:

  • Connection to ERP, SCADA, Cloud systems and MES
  • Cloud connection
  • Local connection to control systems/machines
  • Edge computing

  • Alarming (SNMP, email, SMS)

  • Remote maintenance/remote access

  • IT security
  • Maximum availability
  • Hardware flexibility
  • Reliability

Components of the icom Smart Machinery Gateway:

  • Intelligent VPN routers from INSYS icom
  • Hardened icom OS operating system
  • Scalable software icom Data Suite for interconnection and processing data points
  • Integration of established industrial protocols such as OPC UA or Siemens S7/S5

Gained in practice, for use in practice

Let our customer references inspire you. Together we will find the ideal solution for your project

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