Wi-Fi plug-in card

The MRcard PLS is part of the MRX product series and makes an impact in particular with the following technical features:

  • WLAN Access Point and Client
  • 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
Cable-free commissioning, maintenance and optimisation

A mechanical engineering company wishes to maintain its
large, diffi cult to access 10 x 15 m special machines remotely
and administer operations wirelessly.
With an MRX and the MRcard Wi-Fi access point, both set-up
and troubleshooting are faster and easier.
System optimisation is also more convenient, as the status
values on the dashboard can be accessed wirelessly by tablet
or smartphone. On site, at the prescribed distance this is even
possible for persons without appropriate protective clothing or
access rights.

Further technical information and highlights of the entire router series “MRX – the flexible power” can be found here:

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