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DMVPN and parallel APNs: firmware update brings special KRITIS features to INSYS icom professional routers

Regensburg, Germany – INSYS icom has launched the new icom OS 2.8 firmware update for series MRX and MRO professional industrial routers that enables DMVPN, dynamic routing, and the separation of data traffic on two APNs. This latest icom OS version is therefore all about critical infrastructure features for managing large networks that meet special safety and total availability requirements.
Notably, MRX and MRO router series running icom OS can now also be used in networks with DMVPN. This feature facilitates the administration and configuration management of very large infrastructures, which are, for instance, found in KRITIS applications. The new icom OS version supports the dynamic routing protocols OSPF, BGP, and RIP and thereby ensures availability and high quality of data connections even in complex installations. This is crucial because permanent high availability is a prerequisite for secure KRITIS applications. In icom OS 2.8, two APNs can be used in parallel for 4G internet connections in order to separate data traffic, for example, one APN for the router's operating data, the other for data of locally connected devices such as smart meters. This does not only provide security benefits, but also enables correct attribution of communication costs to various participating roles (e.g. grid operators, operators of renewable power plants that feed energy into the grid, or measurement point operators). 
Now it also becomes possible to send more detailed event information by email and text, for instance, to get a user name and IP address report after a failed login. Based on such monitoring optimisation, the early-warning security system can be further enhanced. To improve usability, the new icom OS version comprises a DSL quick-start wizard for easy commissioning of MRX DSL or MRcard PD (a VDSL/ADSL plug-in card for MRX routers). 
The update for the MRX and MRO router series is available for download at More information on the modular MRX router series is available at, with more on the MRO router series at
At this year's SPS IPC Drives trade fair, which takes place in Nuremberg, Germany, from 28th to 30th November, INSYS icom presents the latest products and services for professional data communication:
Hall 7, Stand 201.