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INSYS icom at SPS IPC Drives: everything from retrofit to edge computing

Regensburg, Germany – INSYS icom expands the highly pre-integrated INSYS Smart IoT Ecosystem and presents new products and services for professional data communication at the 2017 SPS IPC Drives exhibition in hall 7, stand 201. Among the showcases is a compact professional router that will be launched with LAN and 4G versions featuring an integrated Linux environment (icom SmartBox). INSYS icom also exhibits a range of applications that were jointly implemented with partners from the fields of energy, IT security, big data analytics, and water/wastewater.
The new professional router is characterised by a slim, compact housing, which allows for flexible mounting on a wall or DIN rail in building distribution boxes and industrial control cabinets. It features serial ports and is also available as a digital I/O product variant. The new router provides secure access via the icom Connectivity Suite's VPN and SIM services for remote maintenance, access, and control. The integrated Linux environment (icom SmartBox) makes this a smart device that meets the requirements of modern IoT applications: for instance, the compact router can locally process data (edge computing) or act as a virtual controller to carry out the duties of a central PLC.

As a leading technology partner for professional data communication as well as M2M and IoT communication solutions, INSYS icom also presents approaches to current challenges such as analogue to IP migration, retrofit of serial devices in IoT environments, redundancy, or hardware consolidation and virtualisation. Moreover, the INSYS Smart IoT Ecosystem has been further developed to integrate additional products and services. The flexible end-to-end ecosystem comprises all components to enable quick and easy collection, processing, and provision of distributed application data points and to safely network applications. This enables conventional applications such as remote maintenance, access, control, and condition monitoring as well as novel IoT concepts such as reporting and benchmarking of machines and equipment, for example in the energy and water sectors. At the exhibition stand, partners from various industries who are working with INSYS icom demonstrate practical applications.
  • Synop Systems showcases big data analytics, for example pattern detection in massive amounts of data. 
  • prego services demonstrates how to ensure IT security in critical infrastructures that use INSYS icom smart devices and managed services. 
  • Stebatec presents application solutions from the water/wastewater industry. 
  • meteocontrol shows the integration and administration of decentralised, renewable energy feed-in units in power companies' process networks. 
More information about the INSYS Smart IoT Ecosystem is available at, and about INSYS icom products and services at