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Making CODESYS systems ready for IoT with icom Data Suite

Regensburg, Germany – INSYS icom provides the icom Data Suite software package for the MRO and MRX professional router series, which significantly enhances the intelligent routers' capabilities for reading and processing application data. The current version 1.2 of the software allows for Lua script processing and enables its functions for CODESYS controllers and networks. Thereby, devices such as controllers or HMIs based on CODESYS runtime V2 or V3 can be interconnected, and their application data can be captured, monitored, and processed.
The CODESYS programming system is the market standard for device-independent development environments for control technology (PLC) and is used in many industrial devices. icom Data Suite enables efficient integration and networking of CODESYS controllers and other devices based on this runtime environment via TCP (V2/V3) and via CODESYS Gateway Server (V3). Parallel access through other instances (e.g. WebVisu or programming tools) is still possible. A variety of software-based applications can be quickly configured without any special programming knowledge simply via networking and processing data points. CODESYS controller and device data can always be gathered, irrespective of protocols and with no vendor-specific limitations.
They are processed, amongst others, by applying logic or arithmetic functions. In addition, condition monitoring applications can be implemented by means of timers, flags, and an event handler. Current values can be visualised on a local dashboard that is accessible via a browser. They can be transmitted to SCADA and ERP systems or clouds such as Cumulocity, Telekom Cloud of Things, CENTERSIGHT, etc. Such cloud services provide a comprehensive visualisation as well as logging and reporting functions: devices can even be centrally configured and controlled via SMS, MQTT, and cloud services. Through so-called application connectors, the professional routers also link Siemens S7 PLCs as well as Modbus and other systems, allowing for interaction of a wide variety of devices.

INSYS icom has implemented a Lua runtime environment for applications that require even more flexibility. The event-driven start of Lua scripts enables flexible and individual combination of icom Data Suite functions. For instance, predefined icom Data Suite configurations can be automatically adapted to specific system characteristics, or configuration profiles can be changed automatically.

The icom Data Suite software package is a crucial part of the INSYS Smart IoT platform and facilitates the implementation of new applications, services, and business models. A 30-day full trial version of the icom Data Suite is available free of charge and with no obligations. More information about the icom Data Suite is available at, about the modular MRX router series at, and about the MRO router series at