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Modular industrial router for VDSL and ADSL applications

Regensburg – The MRX series of modular routers from INSYS icom, a leading technology partner for professional M2M and IoT communication solutions, enables broadband (DSL) communication connections for industrial applications. MRX DSL routers are designed for professional use and support conventional ADSL as well as the high-speed VDSL standard.
Thanks to the modular design, 4G, RJ45, RS232, and RS485 interfaces as well as I/Os can be added or swapped as needed by inserting or exchanging extension cards (MRcards). This also allows users to e.g. implement alternative, redundant communication routes, parallel VPN tunnels, or an unmodified integration of serial legacy devices into IP networks. The existing basic LAN and 4G type MRX routers can also be upgraded through an MRcard PD extension card with a DSL interface.
The flexibility of the modular MRX series is especially helpful when dealing with major current challenges in telecommunications, such as putting the POTS and ISDN networks out of operation, or rolling out more and more fast VDSL lines in countries such as Switzerland.  This is because MRX DSL routers are ideally suited for migrating from analogue networks to digital IP networks, since they feature interfaces for serial devices as well as IP-enabled components. Both can be easily connected locally and integrated into a common infrastructure. Like all professional INSYS icom routers, MRX DSL routers ensure superior IT security through firewall and VPN (OpenVPN, IPsec, GRE) technologies as well as extra security features like event-based alerts.
Each MRX router is also equipped with an integrated Linux environment, called icom SmartBox, that significantly expands its range of functions, turning the router into a smart device for industrial IoT applications. It enables users to run multiple applications side-by-side or combine them, if needed. With the "icom Data Suite" software package, INSYS icom additionally provides a powerful tool that facilitates protocol-independent data collection from various digital or analogue peripheral devices connected to the routers, as well as subsequent data processing with a variety of logical or arithmetic functions and visualisation on a dashboard. Further icom Data Suite functions include the monitoring of connected devices, event-triggered dispatch of SMS, e-mail or MQTT messages, and handling control tasks on-site. In addition to local data processing, the (pre-)processed data can be sent to cloud services, SCADA systems or customer-specific infrastructures. Local applications can be controlled from the cloud or accessed via secure remote maintenance connections. For such purposes, INSYS icom provide their own proprietary, easy-to-use VPN service and special M2M SIM cards for mobile data communications.
The MRX series of routers constitutes a key element of the INSYS Smart IoT platform, a flexible and highly pre-integrated end-to-end ecosystem that provides all the components to implement M2M and IoT applications. The platform includes all the communication elements necessary for extracting data quickly and easily from distributed applications, and if required, to process such data and provide results. The open IoT solution facilitates both edge and cloud computing, as well as combinations of the two. For further information on the Smart IoT platform visit or learn more about MRX DSL routers and all other available MRX models at