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New features for icom Data Suite: S7 connectivity, arithmetic and aggregation functions

Regensburg – INSYS icom, leading technology partner for M2M and IoT communication solutions, has added a "Siemens S7 Application Connector", logical and mathematical functions for data processing, and a command line interface (CLI) to the latest version 1.1 release of the icom Data Suite. The icom Data Suite is exclusively available for the high-performance router MRX and MRO series, which feature the icom SmartBox, an integrated Linux environment. The scalable software package turns routers into smart devices with edge computing capability. With the free starter package, e.g. standard logical operators such as AND, OR and SET can be used to link and further process data points.
Now, the addition of the "Siemens S7 Application Connector" enables the routers to also integrate S7 controls into industrial M2M and IoT environments. Once the easy connection is made via Ethernet or through a serial adapter, the routers allow for monitoring, remotely operating and collecting data from the control systems. For any additional mathematical functions beyond the standard logic functions that may be required for data processing on the routers, the icom Data Suite provides new Premium AddOns called "Arithmetic" and "Basic Aggregation", which can also be used in combination with each other. The arithmetic routines allow for the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of analogue values directly on-site, and for immediately using such data for further processing. "Basic Aggregation" facilitates determining minimums, maximums and averages of recent values. Dynamic values can therefore be aggregated on-site, locally monitored and also transferred, for instance to plug & play cloud services such as Cumulocity or Telekom Cloud of Things, which in turn provide user-friendly visualisation options and other functions such as logging or reporting.

In addition to collecting, processing and transferring data, the icom Data Suite also allows for implementing manual or automated application control via SMS, MQTT or from the cloud. A free dashboard feature is available for local visualisation of current values. Command line interface (CLI) is newly included as well. It can be used for automatic deployment or offline management of configurations with standard tools like SSH or Telnet to save time, traffic and bandwidth.
About the icom Data Suite
The icom Data Suite provides all basic functions for monitoring, visualisation or messaging. In addition, it can be flexibly enhanced by other functions such as support for various protocols via Modbus, AddOns like e.g. MQTT, or an integration of extra data points – even during operation. icom Data Suite users seeking to implement software-based applications with great long-term viability can easily achieve that through configuration, without any special programming skills. The software package is a crucial part of the INSYS Smart IoT Platform and facilitates new applications, services and business models. The fully functional icom Data Suite is available free of charge for a 30-day trial period with no obligations. Visit or for more information.