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Full cost control with M2M SIM rates from INSYS icom

Regensburg –   Now part of INSYS icom's professional M2M SIM services, the new smart cost control option features automatic rate adjustment that saves users from the unwelcome surprise of unexpected extra-high charges. Every month, every subscription starts on the smallest monthly plan with up to 10 MB of data. If this contingent runs out on a SIM, it is switched to the next higher tier of 80 MB, then 300 MB, and eventually 1 GB. If data traffic for a SIM card exceeds 1.5 GB, this card is automatically deactivated. This overall cost limit at 1.5 GB exists for all INSYS M2M SIM rates with inclusive data, independent of the smart cost control option. For rates with no inclusive data, INSYS icom has set the cost limit at 500 MB. The leading technology partner for M2M and IoT communication solutions therefore ensures that users will never see their charges for mobile communication applications spiral out of control. Of course, automatically deactivated cards can be manually reactivated at any time without incurring additional fees.
Above and beyond these flexible rate models with fair billing, industrial INSYS M2M SIM services provide notable other features as well. For example, subscriptions can be limited to Germany or Europe or taken out for worldwide use. Moreover, users can cancel on a monthly basis. Using the free SIM management portal, customers can opt to "hibernate" their SIM cards on demand, so as to incur no monthly cost at all, and reactivate them whenever necessary. This feature is a boon for applications that only require occasional mobile network connections. Flexible pooling is available for all active SIM cards on a specific plan. This means that the inclusive data contingents for the individual SIM cards can be added up, with every card then using as much data as required, up to the overall total, before extra charges are applied. The M2M SIM services are a crucial element within the framework of the INSYS Smart IoT platform that enables professional M2M and IoT implementations. More information on current M2M SIM Services are available at The INSYS Smart IoT Platform is presented at