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New switches with monitoring function extend INSYS icom's product portfolio

Regensburg – INSYS icom, technology partner for professional data communication, expands its portfolio by adding new switches for versatile, flexible applications. The new line-up comprises the ETSU series of Unmanaged as well as the ETSM series of Lite Managed switches, the latter featuring control capabilities for advanced features like monitoring via Modbus TCP or port prioritisation. Both allow for the connection of up to six Ethernet devices. Thanks to their slim, compact DIN rail housing, they are ideally suited for installation in tight spaces. The Unmanaged switches are now available, whereas the Lite Managed devices will be launched in early April.
Thanks to its user-friendly web interface that requires no IT knowledge, ETSM switches can be very quickly and easily commissioned, installed, and monitored. With these Lite Managed switches, the diagnostic Modbus TCP and SNMP services enable automatic monitoring, read-out and transfer of device or interface data. Reliable and safe switch operation is ensured by a fault indication contact that alerts users to fault conditions. Devices that receive such alerts can be connected to this contact. LEDs make the device status or individual port status easily visible at a glance.

In addition, an option to prioritise network traffic is available through Quality of Service (QoS): specific ports or IP data packets on a channel can be given preference based on specified criteria and properties. This ensures high-quality performance throughout as required especially for critical applications. Link aggregation, also called port trunking, combines several ports. This increases the data throughput between two Ethernet switches and, at the same time, makes the link more failsafe by creating a redundant connection. ETSM series Lite Managed switches also allow for setting up VLANs for network segmentation. This benefits users by enabling multiple virtual subnets to be operated on a single switch, with ports that can be independently addressed. The web interface provides a quick and flexible way to enable or block connections between ports or allow unidirectional or universal traffic.

Switches are important IT infrastructure components and can also serve to complement professional INSYS icom routers. For instance, the six RJ45 interfaces on these robust switches can be used to enhance the Ethernet connectivity of IMON series routers, which feature only one Ethernet interface out of the box. Moreover, the signal output of any other device can be connected via a potential-free digital input on a switch, without the risk of ground loops. Of course, the Lite Managed and Unmanaged switches are also part of the Smart IoT Platform, INSYS icom's highly pre-integrated and flexible ecosystem for M2M and IoT applications. Learn more about the new INSYS icom switches at