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New M2M SIM Services from INSYS icom: National and international roaming, monthly extension, SIM management portal included

Regensburg – The new M2M SIM Services from INSYS icom offer flexible pricing models, fair billing and a variety of additional services. With these services, the leading technology partner for M2M and IoT communication solutions is expanding the existing portfolio to include another central element that is an especially relevant element to the INSYS Smart IoT Platform.
Many M2M and IoT applications are already communicating via mobile networks today. However, such applications depend on professional SIM services since consumer SIM cards do not feature the highly reliable availability and range of functions that are required. In order to complement the existing portfolio and to offer professional M2M SIM Services, INSYS icom has therefore partnered with telecom provider Tele2. Tele2 is active in Germany and eight other European countries.
The SIM cards for M2M and IoT applications feature special advantages such as national and international roaming capability. Furthermore, the services are provided on a monthly basis. A SIM management portal gives customers complete control over rates and SIM cards: for instance, they can be configured to be activated only on a case-by-case basis and remain ‘dormant’ the rest of the time. Deactivated cards incur no monthly costs. On request, it is also possible for a customer to pool the data volume of all active SIM cards, allowing individual cards to draw on the aggregate volume as required. For instance, a user with three SIM cards with 10 MB data volume each can have one SIM card use 20 MB and the other two cards 5 MB each at no extra charge.

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