Water and environmental engineering

Benefit from a wide range of data communication possibilities


Modern communication networks offer a multitude of new possibilities for connecting sub-stations to their control center. VDSL, ADSL and cellular networks allow administrators to set up reliable communication paths at low costs. Remote control stations like those in the field of water supply can be quickly connected to the SCADA control center. Our routers efficiently monitor and control even simple devices with conventional switch outputs (e.g. electronically controlled pumps). They reduce downtime and ensure uninterrupted supply to your customers.

Your benefits:

  • Reliable control center connection
  • Ready for KRITIS ISO 27001 / ISMS

Our Features:

  • Secure, controllable, bidirectional data communication
  • Multiprotocol connection of field devices, like Modbus, IEC 60870-5-101
  • Data processing on the router, like protocol conversion to IEC 608705-104
  • Simultaneous, controllable connections to cloud services, control centres, and many more potential end points

"We plan to switch any existing and future software of STEBATEC to the MRX. We also use the MRX routers for our partially guided or MID controlled pneumatic sewerage control. The MRX is simply a great device!“

Jonathan Brechbühl, Head of Support
Stebatec, Brügg (CH)