Renewable energy plants

Renewable energy plant operators must continuously monitor plant values and KPIs and need always a secure remote maintenance access for control interventions. Grid operators (transmission and distribution networks) must always be able to send commands for power system stabilisation (feed-in management) to their remote operation technology (RTU). Direct marketers want precise feeding forecasts to maximize profit; they always need latest data and protected remote access.


Your benefits:

  • Transparent remote access to data loggers, inverters and PLCs/RTUs also of existing plants (retrofit)
  • Network operator priority control
  • Reactive power provision
  • Computation of individual plant KPIs

Our icom Smart Energy Gateway:

  • Intelligent protocol converters
  • IEC 608705-101/104 Client/Server, Master/Slave
  • Modbus TCP, RTU Client/Server, Master/Slave
  • VPN: IPsec, GRE, OpenVPN
  • Multiple simultaneous VPN tunnels
  • Serial separation from IP network
  • Integrated firewall and router
  • Easy maintenance and operation


"Our CHPs are connected secure now. Meanwhile, we have a pool of LTE cards for the MRX routers so that a missing DSL connection is not able to thwart us any more. This does not only prevent stress, but also possible penalties for non-performance. Moreover, the VPN service and the SIM cards of INSYS icom save time since we can manage them self using the portal."  

Markus Beißner, Head of Service
COMUNA-metall Vorrichtungs- und Maschinenbau GmbH