Power engineering

Benefit from a wide range of data communication possibilities


The energy industry is at a turning point. In the past, electrical power had a clear and straightforward path from the plant to the consumer. Today’s smart grids, however, require more monitoring and control options to ensure system stability in an environment of diverse suppliers using technologies that range from photovoltaics to hydroelectric to CHP. At the same time, a secure connection and direct remote access to renewable energy plants must be possible for direct marketing and controlling energy provision. Fortunately, these requirements can be met with a powerful and flexible icom Smart Energy Gateway – reliable, cost-optimised and efficient.


Renewable energy plants

Controlling and monitoring of renewable energy plants



Smart Grid

Connecting switchgear in the smart grid with secure and flexible solutions



Secure communication in the field of

  • KRITIS ISO 27001 / ISMS
  • Transmission system operator catalogue of requirements
  • BSI IT security catalogue
  • BDEW white paper

Connection to SCADA and remote-control systems

The monitoring and control commands can be converted to plant protocols via IEC 60870 and Modbus TCP, for example. Even for plants with existing serial and proprietary interfaces.     

IT security

Several simultaneous VPN tunnels and VPN technologies allow separated access to the device by market participants. The energy-related IT security requirements are met with a full-range of advanced security features.     


The telecommunications connection can be realised via LAN, DSL or cellular radio. Comprehensive redundancy functions provide high availability.