icom Smart Machinery Gateway

Secure, cost-efficient and long-lasting fit for IIoT

Connecting processes to save time and money: The interconnection of production facilities and machines secures your future and competitiveness. 

We support you with our years of experience over the entire life cycle of your machines and plants in a rapidly changing market environment. You as a machine and plant manufacturer, project planner, service provider, operator or leasing and insurance company benefit from a reliable and secure data connection and are able to generate and process important KPIs.

Whether new project or upgrade of existing plants, we have the proper interconnection solution for you. You will benefit from our icom Smart Gateways and their versatile connection options pre-configured for the planning and manufacturing of new machines and plants. This flexibility offers you a significant competitive advantage.

The complete solution icom Smart Machinery Gateway:

  • intelligent VPN router from INSYS icom
  • hardened operating system icom OS
  • scalable software icom Data Suite for interconnecting and processing data points
  • integration of established industrial protocols like OPC UA or Siemens S7/S5.

The icom Smart Machinery Gateway interconnects machines and connects them to MES, ERP, and SCADA systems, sends data to the cloud, and may process data locally (edge computing).


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  • OPC UA, Siemens S7/S5, Modbus, CODESYS, MQTT
  • ERP, MES, SCADA, cloud connection
  • Condition monitoring and alarming directly on the gateway (edge computing)
  • Industrial IT security standards
  • Protected remote maintenance via VPN
  • Configuring instead of programming