Machine and plant engineering

Benefit from a wide range of data communication possibilities


Remote maintenance and remote access help firms conserve resources because the commissioning of a machine or plant can be done by experts off- site with no need for travel. Manufacturers and even their suppliers can request permanent or ad-hoc access. Moreover, customers and suppliers can be automatically informed about the state of their machines and plants via condition monitoring to identify potential threats to their machinery before real problems occur. These processes of predictive maintenance can be developed to new business models in the course of big data and artificial intelligence.


Your benefits:

  • Reduced travel of experts and service personnel
  • New sales possibilities due to innovative business models
  • More data for your research and development
  • Costoptimised due to minimisation of maintenance effort and downtime

Our Features:

  • Secure, managed, bidirectional data communication
  • Multiprotocol connection of field devices, like Modbus, OPC-UA
  • Data processing on the router, like protocol conversion to MQTT
  • Simultaneous, controllable connections to cloud services, control centres, and many more potential end points

icom Smart Machinery Gateway:

Secure, cost-efficient and IIoT enabled



"We've found the solution for our high demands: The MoRoS cellular routers provide lots of functionality and can be configured quickly – this saves hours of work. 
Moreover, the routers have important options that we'll need for future services.
That's why we equip all our cranes with MoRoS HSPA of INSYS icom.“

Andreas Wagner
Head of Electrical Engineering, WOLFFKRAN, Heilbronn