Benefit from a wide range of data communication possibilities


Recently, the term “Smart City” has become very popular. Numerous applications of the public authorities as well as private operators (e.g. of properties) demand more and more possibilities for remote monitoring and remote access. To monitor operating data from remote stations, the question of which transmission technology to use frequently arises. In this application, the wireless network solutions may be the simplest and the best technological choice.

Your benefits:

  • Central overview of distributed applications
  • Save time with automated failure reporting
  • Optimum preparation for services
  • Targeted humanresource allocation

Our Features:

  • Secure, controllable, bidirectional data communication
  • Multiprotocol connection of field devices, like Modbus, KNX
  • Data processing on the router, like protocol conversion to MQTT
  • Simultaneous, controllable connections to cloud services, control centres, and many more potential end points

"The realisation of specific customer requirements is a breeze with the various possibilities of the Monitoring App in the IMON fault monitors and gives us customer solutions for optimisation, damage prevention and expansion."

Walter Walzl
Messtechnik GmbH & Co KG